Family Business – Living History

Ned & Bea Carey

Ned and Bea Carey became part of The Corner Door legacy back in 1953, when they moved their mercantile business in town from Laurel Highway. Ned passed away in 2004, but Bea carries on the tradition of creating … [Continue reading]

The Rude Awakening of Jimmy O’Neal

On occasion I come across some unique gems tucked away in our local history, and during a recent chat with Donald Ward, one such story was told to me that came to him from Joe Ben Hudson.  Mr. Hudson, some readers may recall, lived to be one of … [Continue reading]

Remembering The March Storm of ’62


It’s been fifty years since the March Storm of ’62 left its permanent impression upon our peninsula, our psyche, and our photo albums. Here are a few shots that I managed to gather with my humble Kodak Brownie right after the storm.  I only just … [Continue reading]

Doe Bridge Association Meeting

Image-Main Street-Millsboro-Looking South-1958

The Doe Bridge Association met on Sunday, March 4th, and welcomed a new face, George Allen Adkins. Dan Parsons, Sussex County Historic Preservation Planner, was also in attendance. He is interested in helping us and will call later in the week, to … [Continue reading]

Doe Bridge – History Meets Destiny – Part 5 of 5


Everyone who has accompanied me to the area is immediately struck with the natural beauty and serenity of the Doe Bridge Nature Preserve and the Doe Bridge Mill historical area. But what about the Millsboro East Bypass? Won’t the Doe Bridge … [Continue reading]

Doe Bridge – History Meets Destiny – Part 4 of 5


A cemetery is all that remains of an old church near Doe Bridge outside of Millsboro. But members of a local history group may have found more clues. On December 4, 2011, during a planned walkabout by our Doe Bridge Association group, one … [Continue reading]

Doe Bridge – History Meets Destiny – Part 3 of 5


Doe Bridge - More Connections Less than a quarter mile from the Kollock cemetery, on the east side of Delaware 30, just south of Doc Frame Road, is another cemetery. Here lie the bodies of Paynter Frame, an early owner of Doe Bridge Mill, and other … [Continue reading]

Doe Bridge – History Meets Destiny – Part 2 of 5


The Evidence Was Still There! Clearly identifiable on the USDA aerial photo that I held in my hands, even through the treetop canopy, was a thin line that could only be the remnants of that old colonial road. It wound from Delaware 30, in … [Continue reading]