Atlantic Hotel Chandelier

Temporarily graced by the beauty of Julia Roberts during the filming of Runaway Bride, the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, Maryland, is now permanently graced by another beauty, albeit antique, that of its historic crystal chandelier.


Early last year I received a phone call from the hotel manager, followed by a text along with the photo below, and was asked if I could rewire the lighting fixture for them. Quietly resting in a corner in the basement of the hotel, all but forgotten, was this charming antique chandelier.


I accepted the job and subsequently the fixture was brought into the shop where it was disassembled and inspected, material ordered, and repairs made to mechanical connections. A trial reassembly followed, and as I looked at the chandelier now hanging before me, I realized that I could never let it out of the shop in its badly tarnished state.

Somewhere under those years of neglect lurked an object begging to show itself to the world again. It just had to be revived! I called the manager and expressed my feelings, and she accepted the additional service. As each individual part was washed, scrubbed, and polished, the luster of a bygone era was gradually revealed. The metal framework of the chandelier was put back together one final time, and I sat back to admire it.


The manager had thoughtfully spared me the responsibility of the delicate glass globes and the large number of crystal pendants, but even without all of the glass installed to shimmer in the light of the glowing bulbs, it was really spectacular. However, nothing could have prepared me for the photo I received from her the day after it was returned and installed in the lobby of the hotel, complete with all of that beautiful glassware.


People bring in everything ranging from basic everyday lighting fixtures to some very unique pieces. This has been the largest and most challenging to date. It is a privilege to have been given the opportunity to serve the owner and manager of such a historic place.

As you travel around Delmarva, include the Atlantic Hotel in your travel plans. This chandelier is but a part of a very well-preserved and beautiful building in a charming and equally well-preserved community.


In progress work photos