Old Lamps New Again

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Lamp repair and restoration for vintage, antique, and modern lighting can put new life in your worn or damaged lighting fixture.

Do you have a lamp that isn’t working? Bring in your lamp for a thorough evaluation and estimate.
Have you purchased an old lamp at a yard sale or flea market? We can correct obvious problems and check for hidden issues.   
Have you inherited a family heirloom? Have your treasured lamp checked, repaired and/or rewired.
How do you know if your lamp needs repair? If it flat out doesn’t work, that’s pretty easy. But otherwise, check the wiring for cracks and breaks in the insulation. Look carefully at the plug and sockets for loose, broken, or missing elements. Perhaps it’s just a worn-out switch that needs replacing.

Floor lampstable lamps,
vintage or antique.
It doesn’t matter if it’s plain,
fancy, or just simply unique.

Bring your treasure in to me. I can check it over thoroughly and make the necessary repairs to render it fully functional and safe.
I can no longer accept crystal chandeliers or other large ceiling fixtures.
I do not service LED fixtures with flat LED arrays due to replacement parts issues.
Please contact me if you have questions about these items.
Express turnaround for most lamps. Do you have a single-bulb table lamp? Just need a new switch and/or a new cord? I’ll fix it while you wait. Multiple-light fixtures and complex issues take a little more time.
Same-day service for busy people. Got a list of things to do in town? Stop in here first. Leave your lamp for repair. Pick it up on your way back home.
I offer lamp repair and restoration that won’t put a hole in your budget. A new socket is only a few dollars as is the usual replacement wiring. The majority of lamp repairs average $30 and most combination lamps or even those with multiple issues are returned in working order for well under $50.
And when you get your lamp home, you can turn it on with confidence and enjoy the results.

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Do you have an object that you would like to make into a lamp?   Custom work is available at reasonable rates.