Photo Retouching

Occasionally, a customer will bring in a photograph that they want to have “repaired”, and most of the time the damage is a result of direct contact with the glass in the frame. In one case, the photo was still in the frame, and it was my sad duty to remove it in pieces, in front of the customer.


Fortunately, in every case, I had the services of a photo retouching expert at my disposal. Armed with lots of talent and the latest tools, the details of the photo could be restored. After putting the photo in a new frame, the results helped to make a very happy customer.


Another example of the damage that can result from a photo being in direct contact with glass is this photo of a small girl.


Again, the details have been restored and the customer had the memories of this happy moment likewise restored to them.


Not all photographs are candidates for our custom picture framing services; I get that. Many times, the garden variety off-the-shelf frame from a hobby, drug, or department store will provide a quicker turnaround and a more economical solution for most personal photographs.

But in any case, putting a cherished and perhaps irreplaceable photo in direct contact with glass is a recipe for disaster. The simple day-to-day changes in temperature and the presence of humidity will begin their dance of death the moment the picture is put next to the glass. It’s just a matter of time.

An unseen benefit of custom picture framing provides a separation between the artwork (or photo) and the glass, whether it is in the form of a mat or special spacers. When you do decide to purchase a ready-made frame from one of the retail outlets, just make sure that you provide some means of keeping the photo away from the glass.

And when you are ready to create a lasting memory to keep in the family or provide something of value to share as a gift, come in and allow me to help you make the appropriate choices from our selection of quality matboards and picture frame mouldings.


Bowed Glass

I never know what will come through the front door of the shop, and when a man with a very sad look on his face brought in this beautiful antique framed wildlife diorama with bowed glass, I didn’t quite understand.


Then I saw the cracks all around the edges of the curved glass. What a tragedy! Not only was this a great example of an antique carved picture frame with real bowed glass, but the glass was actually etched at each corner. Truly wonderful art forms that have all but disappeared.

It was bad enough to have the glass broken, but on top of that, the delicate contents of the wildlife diorama were now exposed. Could anything be done to preserve the talents of an early 20th-century taxidermist as well as the craftsmanship of the individual who put this display together?

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New Year’s Clearance

The Christmas rush is over! Finish that picture framing project you’ve been putting off and spend only half the money.

New Year clearance of an assortment of artwork-ready frames, some with mats and glass.

Have your artwork, photo, etc., mounted by us, using one of these frames, and pay 1/2 of the normal cost of a custom framing job.

Reopening January 9th following our annual Christmas and New Year break.