About Me

Lamp Repair

Lamp repair is rooted in my past, beginning well back in my youth, first repairing everything from lamps and toasters to radios and televisions. The passage of time has taken me from tube radios and TVs to guided missiles, to computers, and now back to lamps.

Following retirement, I began to unpack my old lamp collection and my interest was slowly rekindled. Discussions with local businesses led me to start doing lamp repair on the side, and as customers began to trickle in, I decided it was time to expand. In March 2018, Old Lamps New Again was born and lamp repair services were made available for most antique and vintage lamps as an additional service through Carey’s Frame Shop. But, times change and we must too.

Custom Picture Framing

After 56 years of custom picture framing, Carey’s Frame Shop has closed.

My mother and father began operating a paint and hardware business, in Millsboro, in 1953. By the mid-sixties, they were feeling the effects of a changing economy. They were encouraged to look into custom picture framing, and this business line became their high point as Carey’s Paint and Frame Shoppe became well-known throughout the area.

Dad passed away in 2004, and Mom continued to operate the business until health deterred her in 2016. After a brief period of inactivity, I reopened the store doing business as Carey’s Frame Shop in May 2017. Although the last four years have been very rewarding, they have also presented some unique challenges.

Mother passed in June of 2021 at age 101. As we settled her estate, the decision was made to sell the store property and close the framing business. However, I am continuing the lamp repair business at home, in a newly-created shop area for that purpose.