Doe Bridge Area Walkabout

Our next get together is scheduled for December 4th (Rain date December 11th) at 2:00 PM

We’ll meet along Delaware 30, 1.5 miles north of Millsboro, on the west side of Route 30, across from Doc Frame Road. Park just off the road, in the area of the open field, just north of the Revel Farm.

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What A Difference A Day Can Make

So much has happened in the last few weeks…

The Mid-Atlantic States have been jolted by a 5.8 earthquake,

The entire Eastern Seaboard has been pelted by wind, rain and storm surge of Hurricane Irene,

Our nation is still reeling from the effects of the hottest July on record,

A wide-spread, devastating drought lingers in the mid-South,

Which in itself has contributed to fires that have consumed vast swaths of land and hundreds of homes.

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Doe Bridge Association Meeting

The second meeting of the Doe Bridge Association was held on Sunday, 10 July, with five new members in attendance! Although the majority of original ‘members’ couldn’t be present, they are expected to be a part of the field trip in the fall. We wrapped up the 90-minute agenda in record time and spent the remaining 75-minutes reminiscing. There’s a lot to talk about when you haven’t seen each other in several years.

We decided on early November for our walkabout and now the task begins of pin-pointing the specific sites of interest, mapping out our route, determining what’s public or private, and gaining permission for access from the respective parties.

Although I speak of Doe Bridge, my actual interest is somewhat broader, and it lies in the old colonial road that began in coastal Delaware Bay and ran toward Millsboro.

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Millsboro History Documents Shared

Dick Carter has been gracious in his support for my endeavor with this website and he provided me a couple of documents that are being placed here in the Library for your enjoyment. The first document has a wealth of information about Millsboro, going way back. Bet you won’t be able to put it down!

In Dick’s words: “Someone gave me the PDF of the ‘History of Millsboro’ which was prepared by a group of teachers at the Millsboro Public School for some course they were taking, probably done about 1950. You will know many of the names. It has some very interesting information in it…”

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Someone has stolen the Mason-Dixon Line!

Image-Google Search-Mason-Dixon Line
Did Someone Steal The Masey-Dixy Line?

The Mason-Dixon Line

Well, I guess it’s not quite as bad as all that. No one has actually taken our southern border. And that boundary is not really part of the original Mason-Dixon Line, anyway.

The Mason-Dixon Line defined the southern boundary of Pennsylvania with West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, and the western boundary of Delaware with Maryland. The actual survey line between Maryland and Delaware has also been referred to as the North-South Boundary.

So, am I in Somerset County or Sussex County?

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Old Drug Store Bottles

Early in 2007, when a new roof was being planned for Carey’s Frame Shop, it became necessary to remove all of the items from the third floor to prevent damage. The second floor had been transformed years before by dad with custom storage racks for picture frame molding, so room had to be found off-premises for everything.

In preparation for the move, my older daughter and I spent the better part of a couple of days sorting through years of dust, debris, and an assortment of period drug store-related items. But mostly it was bottles. Bottles, bottles and more bottles.

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Doe Bridge Association

The Doe Bridge Association had its humble beginnings about seven-years ago when I developed the urge to learn more about the area surrounding Doe Bridge.  A visit to the State Archives turned up a colonial-period map that showed a road running southwest from Lewes and crossing a large stream north of Millsboro.

I acquired a large copy of an aerial photo from a government agency and immediately saw the remnants of a road, evident even through the canopy of trees. Then, I stumbled upon a copy of a 1795 map that also showed a road running across the area of the old mill and bridge.

Sussex map 1795

I did say Doe Bridge, right? Why this should have been such an awakening, I’ll never know, for where there’s a bridge, there must be a road.

I also recalled hearing about a settlement possibly being located in that same area, before Millsboro was a town. Now I was intrigued and the subject created within me a desire to know more about the area that did not lessen with time.

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