Millsboro History Documents Shared

Dick Carter has been gracious in his support for my endeavor with this website and he provided me a couple of documents that are being placed here in the Library for your enjoyment. The first document has a wealth of information about Millsboro, going way back. Bet you won’t be able to put it down!

In Dick’s words: “Someone gave me the PDF of the ‘History of Millsboro’ which was prepared by a group of teachers at the Millsboro Public School for some course they were taking, probably done about 1950. You will know many of the names. It has some very interesting information in it…”

History of Millsboro (Courtesy Dick Carter)

The second document was prepared by Dick Carter and is presented here courtesy of the Delaware Heritage Press. Dick wrote to me, commenting about it, “Leila Parker Burton Hartnack was the sister of Mr. Fred Burton and the daughter of Fred’s father, Captain Theodore Burton., Fred’s children were Theodore Burton, who started the auto dealership in Georgetown and was the father of the Theodore and Louis Burton…Irwin Gwynn Burton II, founder of the I. G. Burton auto dealerships in Milford and Seaford, and Hilda Burton Jones, first wife of Jesse Jones, the baseball player… Mr. I. G. Burton…loaned me the photograph album to scan and gave me permission to publish the photos for Millsboro Historical purposes. Many of the pictures included therein were originally made by itinerant photographers who would come to town and take custom orders for photographs to be turned into postcards…”

Reverend Wells Journals (Courtesy Delaware Heritage Press)