It’s About Time

The “A” Team – Ed, Roger, and Marvin

Wednesday, October 29, 2014, was my last day with the State of Delaware Messenger Service. For the last three years, I served as a part-time mail courier, routing state and US mail to and from state agencies, in western Sussex County and southern Kent County. I like being active and I wanted something to do for awhile after retiring and moving back to Millsboro. It was never really a job…more like a gig.

My Canine Friend “Fred”

Covering a 115-mile route each day and making 35 stops, afforded me an opportunity to remain in touch with old friends in Milford, make new ones from Felton to Delmar and all towns in between, and along the return path through Georgetown to the Stockley mail room, as well.

Dolce Coffee Shop – Milford

I am all the richer for the experience of having worked with a lot of very nice people over these past three years. Whether within the Messenger Service itself, the customers we served, or those at the special coffee and fuel stops along the way, I cherish my daily chit-chat with each one.

But this chapter of our lives has drawn to a close, and another one is opening.

First, Roger left and moved out of state, then I left, and finally, with the rumored closing of the Stockley Mail Room coming to reality two months after my departure, Marvin declined a position in Dover. The “A-Team” was gone.

Ah well. Good things don’t last forever. Enjoy every day!