Give A Little History For Christmas

image-christmas-treeJust in case you have someone on your shopping list who’s hard to buy for, and just in case they happen to be interested in local history, and just in case you’re passing through town, I’ve found some things at the store that might fit under that someone’s Christmas tree.

There’s a little picker (rummager is more like it) in me, I guess, and I just couldn’t help looking behind and under things the other day…

And, hidden under a table, out of sight, were some boxes of books about life in and around Millsboro, by Aubrey Murray.

Dedicated to those from Millsboro who served our country. (1989)


History,stories, and characters along the Indian River. (2004)


A collection of history, recollections, humor and wisdom. (2007)


Among them are the last two copies, in the shop, of his first book, Rambling Around Millsborocurrently sold out in most places.

The original Aubrey Murray book about Millsboro. (1987)


So, stop in when you have a moment and you can cross an item or two off your list. Oh…and there’s a real nice lady there who loves to chat.

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