The Corner Door Listed As Historic Property

My phone rang the morning of September 19th: The “old store with the door in the corner”, my mother’s shop, Carey’s Paint & Frame Shop, was officially recognized as a historic property.

DivHistCulAff2The great news came from my mentor at the Delaware Division of Historical & Cultural Affairs, Madeline Dunn. Our year-long project on the application to the National Park Service had paid off. With a lot of help from the staffs at Delaware Public Archives and Sussex County Courthouse, we assembled the necessary documentation.

Problems with my eyesight had prevented me from spending the amount of time I felt I needed to, but at Madeline’s suggestion, if I would follow her direction, do the legwork, and return my findings to her, she would guide me through the process. I did, she did, and it produced the desired results. Great working with you, Madeline!

And then the phone rang again…SussexCountian2

Reporters from newspapers have been by the store and the resulting articles are now in the public domain.

Coastal-Delaware2Thanks to Taylor Hudson from the Sussex Countian, and Jon Bleiweis and Joe Lamberti of the Journal for your great stories and your very kind attention.


And, thanks to those who have called or stopped by and extended congratulations to Mother.