Walnut Floor Lamp

It is easy to understand why people who engage in any form of woodworking are generally very pleasant people to be around. When you see an object that has been transformed from a raw piece of wood into an object of beauty or functionality, take the time to appreciate the artist who could envision it. Such objects simply cannot be the products of people with bad attitudes.

Most of the lamps that come into my shop are metal or ceramic. Occasionally, a lamp made from wood will be brought in and so far most of them have been made by a home woodworker. I always take time to admire these creations.

One such item came to me in the form of a carved walnut floor lamp. On first seeing the lamp, my reaction was not unlike that of seeing a wounded or neglected animal. The sad appearance of this once elegant lighting fixture, now needing new electrical sockets and thoroughly matted with grime, was almost as disheartening. But, like the woodworker who created it, I could see the beauty within and it was time to do my part.

First, find a source for a replacement socket assembly for the top of the lamp and get that on order, then a thorough cleaning!  I didn’t have a bucket or pan large enough to contain the mess I was about to make, so I made a waterproof work area from some plastic sheets and scrap cardboard cut to size.


A cleaning solution combined with a brush and a little elbow grease began to reveal what really lay underneath. Once the lamp was completely dry, an application of a popular wood preservative brought out the true patina of the walnut.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge crystal chandelier or a small delicate boudoir lamp, I enjoy bringing all these items back to life. For me, wood just adds another dimension.