Doe Bridge Association Meeting

The Doe Bridge Association met on Sunday, March 4th, and welcomed a new face, George Allen Adkins. Dan Parsons, Sussex County Historic Preservation Planner, was also in attendance. He is interested in helping us and will call later in the week, to arrange a visit to both sites.

A gallery of photos from the Atwood Timmons 1955-1980 collection was presented and those images from Millsboro’s past brought back lots of memories for everyone. These will be put up on the website very soon, with access also provided to enable copies or prints to be made. This feature will, of course, extend to all future additions to the photo gallery.

Image-Main Street-Millsboro-Looking South-1958
Main Street, Millsboro, Looking South, 1958

After bringing everyone up to date with recent happenings, plans were discussed for the anticipated archaeological work at the sites, later in the spring. Dan offered some advice for proceeding with Section 106 which is much appreciated. George Allen’s interest in Millsboro history was quite obvious, and he will be a welcome addition to our group.

Thanks to all those who came out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. With the change in seasons now upon us, the time is probably right to move the meetings to a weeknight. I don’t anticipate anything before June and I am open to your suggestions.