About The Book

The president of our family organization, E. Niel Carey, asked me to write about the Millsboro family line as it is separate and distinct, although descending from a common male forbear, Elijah W. Carey, through his second wife. I decided to focus upon my Grandfather Carey, their only offspring, and as the summer of 2019 progressed, “The Careys of Millsboro” began to take shape.

Click here for a link to my chapter. I encourage you to acquire a copy of the Carey/Cary Family book for all of the relevant information it contains. You can view the table of contents here. All proceeds go to the family organization and to cover publication costs.

The book was released at the annual reunion held at the Nabb Research Center, Guerrieri Academic Commons, Salisbury University, on November 2, 2019. Officially titled The Carey/Cary Family: Researching, Connecting and Sharing Family History, it is now available online at these and other locations:



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For more about the Carey/Cary Family organization go here.