Millsboro Photos

Millsboro of the 50’s and 60’s that most my age remember is now the stuff of memories, but memories that we like to recall and share with our family and friends. And, I have also found that newcomers have an interest in knowing more about their chosen surroundings.


As much as I appreciate progress, I find myself feeling somewhat sad about the changes that I see taking place and each one tends to push those memories a little further into the distance. The disappearance of Hitchens Auto Supply into the mists of time was just one of the more recent changes that encourage me to stand quietly and gaze down Main Street. I can begin to see people who are no longer with us walking into a place of business, cars and trucks moving in both directions, and suddenly I am back in time to another day.

Likewise, old photographs can produce the same sentiment. Millsboro readers of this may recall some of the people associated with Hitchens Auto Supply. One, in particular, Atwood Timmons. He worked the counter for Theodore many years until his retirement in the 90s. Some of you may recall that Atwood was into go-karting and took pictures at the go-kart track on what was known then as Blueberry Hill, now home to Fallbrooke Apartments, on Mitchell Street. He also regularly took photos around Millsboro and fortunately of few of those have survived the ravages of time. I sat down with Atwood several years ago and went through his carousels of slides, and subsequently converted those he could identify, from the 40s through the 70s, to a more current format.

Before the “mists of time” become denser, it’s time to share these photos with a greater audience. They are not all captioned, certainly not in any specific order, perhaps not oriented properly, and some will have a red tint due to the original film on which they were recorded. But, I hope that you can enjoy them for the memories.

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