Doe Bridge – History Meets Destiny – Part 4 of 5

A cemetery is all that remains of an old church near Doe Bridge outside of Millsboro. But members of a local history group may have found more clues.

Searching for evidence

On December 4, 2011, during a planned walkabout by our Doe Bridge Association group, one member probed the ground outside of the little cemetery. Thus he found what may be the foundation of the Old Indian River Presbyterian Church, along two divergent lines that connected in a right angle, about ten to twelve inches below grade. Nearby was the President of the Archaeological Society of Delaware, Craig Lukewic, who offered that this evidence alone was sufficient to warrant further research and could, in fact, validate this location as the actual site of the church.

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Moving Forward

I feel that there is sufficient historical information about Doe Bridge, Doe Bridge Mill, the Indian River Presbyterian Church, the adjacent saw mill there, the Simon Kollock Cemetery, the Paynter Frame Cemetery, and the old colonial road to suggest their mutual importance to the early agricultural and commercial interests in this area. Because of the significance these people and places played in what was to become the Greater Community of Millsboro, further research and documentation efforts should be undertaken at these sites.

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Doe Bridge Association Meeting

The next meeting of the Doe Bridge Association will be held on Sunday, March 4th at 1:30 PM, in the banquet room of the Millsboro Fire Company. Please check back for more details closer to the date.